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Substitution of components made of thermoset fiber composites or aluminum. fibionic is the cost-efficient high-performance alternative for your vehicles.

Areas of application

Lightweight construction plays a key role in vehicle technology in order to make vehicles more efficient, more environmentally friendly, more powerful and safer. In many areas, however, lightweight construction with fiber-plastic composites plays a subordinate role.

fibionic provides solutions to make lightweight construction more sustainable and affordable along the entire life cycle. Especially where plastics reach their performance limits, fibionic can reinforce these components locally and in line with the load flow. This can increase rigidity, prevent creep in plastics, improve thermal resilience or support higher loads. fibionic structures are a real alternative to aluminum and steel parts and can also be used to replace expensive engineering plastics.

The combination of fibionic fibre grids and functionalization in injection moulding means that nothing stands in the way of large-volume applications.

We make components up to 40 % lighter!

With carbon fibers we win in the high-end range

From prototype to large-scale production - our process is suitable for any size!

We deliver exciting new designs!

We reduce the CO2 footprint by up to 30%

With natural fibers we bring nature into your products

We increase the impact strength of your component

From design to component - everything from a single source!

Other areas of application

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