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About us

Following nature's example, we use lightweight materials exactly where they are needed.

fibionic is the revolution
in lightweight technology.

fibionic in numbers

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Possible applications for our technology






Favourite song: "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" - Just like the advantages of our technology :)

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The founders

Your reliable experts in the field of fiber composites.


CEO, Plastics

Thomas Rettenwander

Specialized plastics specialist with a doctorate.

Specialist in plastics and plastics processing methods. Doctorate in plastics engineering at the JKU Linz and developed methods for the bionic design of fiber-plastic composites in his doctoral thesis.


CEO, Sales

Johannes Mandler

Experienced automation technician and development engineer

Experienced development engineer in the fields of mechatronics and automation. He has been responsible for industrialization projects for the automotive supply industry, from the sales phase and site development to the integration of production lines.

Mission & sustainability statement

Following nature's example, fibionic uses reinforcement material exactly where it is needed. fibionic is a service and production company for the optimized design and production of continuous fiber-reinforced composites (carbon, glass or natural fibers) in mechanically stressed structures.



The idea was born

“We have been looking for a solution for a long time on how to optimize the material to make components lighter and reduce costs,” says Thomas Rettenwander today. At the same time, one important aspect was always to protect the environment by avoiding material waste.

2019 - 2021

Trials, trials, trials - patent granted

In countless tests, a technology was developed that stands out above all in series production with its speed, stability and resource savings.

This process was then successfully patented.


Company formation fibionic

Together with his friend and colleague Johannes Mandler, Thomas Rettenwander founded the start-up fibionic with the support of Austria Wirtschaftsservice AWS - in the Tyrolean town of Thaur, near Innsbruck, in the attic and workshop of his house.


AWS Seed received

In 2023, fibionic received one of the most important grants in the country.

Ordentlicher Schreibtisch

Career at fibionic

Do you like what we do? Motivated talents are always welcome. Take a look at our vacancies or simply send us an unsolicited application.

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