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Parallel Lines

Our technology

Our technology is the performance booster for your product. We make it lighter, more stable and more sustainable.

Following nature's example, our patented process uses reinforcement material exactly where it is needed. fibionic is your full-service provider for bionically optimized semi-finished products. We calculate the optimal fiber architecture, deliver prototypes in the shortest possible time and offer a process for large-scale production with cycle times of less than a minute.


Advantages of the fibionic production process:

Saving resources and increasing sustainability

Unique product design through bionic fiber architecture

Recyclable through the use of thermoplastics as matrix material

Cost savings: compared to conventional composites, only a fraction of the reinforcement material is required

Optimal use of fibre properties through bionic design and use of continuous fibres

Full-service provider in the field of bionically optimized semi-finished products

Increase the performance of your product

Minimized production waste in semi-finished product production

Currently the only process for large-scale production

How we work

After an initial discussion, you send us the CAD drawing of your product. We then carry out an optimized load path calculation - even with a prototype if required.


Our technology can be used in a wide range of industries. Select one to see the benefits for your industry:


Contact us

We would be happy to advise you on the implementation of your new project or the optimization of your products. Contact us.

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