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Consuming goods

Increased stiffness and strength at low cost and the ability to produce large quantities. fibionic brings unbeatable advantages to consumer products.

Areas of application

Increase the sustainability of your products with fibionic and make them lighter at the same time! With fibionic's bionic design approach, you can minimize the consumption of resources for the production of housing or structural components made of plastic and thus save up to 50% material per component.

The targeted reinforcement of your parts means that the products are less sensitive to impacts and can therefore withstand greater drop heights.

Inspire your customers with durability and robustness!

We make components up to 40 % lighter!

With carbon fibers we win in the high-end range

From prototype to large-scale production - our process is suitable for any size!

We deliver exciting new designs!

We reduce the CO2 footprint by up to 30%

With natural fibers we bring nature into your products

We increase the impact strength of your component

From design to component - everything from a single source!

Other areas of application

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