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From individual parts to high-volume applications - fibionic supplies the perfect component for the highest demands

Areas of application

In hardly any other industry is highly optimized lightweight construction as important as in the aerospace industry. Weight savings lead to lower energy consumption, greater range, higher dynamics and increased payloads.

For components with clearly defined load cases, fibionic's bionic approach can save up to 50% in weight compared to conventional fiber composite components.

fibionic's FFP technology can be used to manufacture rotor blades and structural components for drones, various covers, struts, interior parts, control elements (e.g. joysticks) and much more.

Take off with fibionic - your partner from the idea to the finished component.

We make components up to 40 % lighter!

With carbon fibers we win in the high-end range

From prototype to large-scale production - our process is suitable for any size!

We deliver exciting new designs!

We reduce the CO2 footprint by up to 30%

With natural fibers we bring nature into your products

We increase the impact strength of your component

From design to component - everything from a single source!

Other areas of application

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