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Sports goods

The focus is on maximum product performance - fibionic achieves this goal while minimizing the use of resources

Areas of application

Whether you need customized products for your top athletes or high-performance solutions for your series products, fibionic is your partner.

Development of series products: Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in the field of FE simulation, we can support you at a very early stage in the product development process. Based on the digital prototype, fibionic creates your functional prototypes for real component tests within a few weeks. Optimization loops can be carried out in the shortest possible time thanks to fibionic prototyping. With FFP, fibionic provides an extremely efficient process for the mass production of your FRP components.

Optimization of existing products: fibionic reinforcement structures can also be integrated into the production of existing products. In a very short time and at low cost, reinforcement structures can be produced in prototyping and integrated into your existing products. After benchmarking, you decide whether you want to raise your existing product to a new level with fibionic.

Small series: Our simulation and prototyping expertise makes it possible to manufacture customized products for your top athletes. We can tailor the product properties (stiffness, weight, etc.) precisely to the individual preferences of your athletes.

We make components up to 40 % lighter!

With carbon fibers we win in the high-end range

From prototype to large-scale production - our process is suitable for any size!

We deliver exciting new designs!

We reduce the CO2 footprint by up to 30%

With natural fibers we bring nature into your products

We increase the impact strength of your component

From design to component - everything from a single source!

Other areas of application

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