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fastest bionic fiber placement

fibionic: the revolution in lightweight  technology

Our technology is the performance booster for your product. We make components lighter, more stable and more sustainable.

Following nature's example, our patented process uses reinforcement material exactly where it is needed. fibionic is your full-service provider for bionically optimized components. We calculate the optimal fiber architecture, deliver prototypes in the shortest possible time and offer a process for large-scale production with cycle times of less than a minute.

fibionic gives lightweight construction a new dimension

Roto leaves

We reduce the weight by 30 to 40 percent.


We customize flexibility & stiffness ideally

Shoe soles

We ensure optimal, elastic behavior

Your benefits

The all-in-one solution for your product

Everything from a single source! From the idea to the large-scale production of the bionically optimized components, we are your competent contact.

We offer FE-based topology optimization, produce functional prototypes in the shortest possible time and offer the highest quality in series production.

Increase performance

With our bionic approach, we achieve unique strength and rigidity with minimal weight, thus surpassing all conventional materials.


By ideally applying reinforcing fibers in accordance with the load flow, we can utilize their full potential.

Increasing sustainability

In the component, material is only used where it is necessary - this leads to minimal resource consumption with maximum performance.


Our materials are recyclable or come from renewable raw materials. fibionic enables the production of lightweight components with a low CO2 footprint.

Our services


Our technology can be used in a wide range of industries. Select one to see the benefits for your industry:

Image by Utsav Srestha

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Would you like to find out how our process can strengthen your product? Find out here!


Contact us

We would be happy to advise you on the implementation of your new project or the optimization of your products. Contact us.

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Voices from the industry experts

“The speed with which fibionic can perform FE component optimization and produce functional prototypes is amazing! With fibionic technology, we can break completely new ground in product development!”

Dipl.-Ing. Simon Mair

Head of Product Development, MICADO SMART ENGINEERING GmbH

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