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fastest bionic fiber placement

fibionic - the revolution in lightweight technology

Our technology is the performance booster for your product. We make it lighter, stronger and more sustainable.

Following nature's example, we use reinforcing material in our patented process exactly where it is needed. fibionic is your one-stop supplier for bionically optimized semi-finished products. We calculate the ideal fiber architecture, deliver prototypes in the shortest possible time and offer a process for large-scale production with cycle times of less than one minute.


Your benefits:

+ Cost savings

+ Resource savings

+ Increased sustainability.

Our services


Advantages of the fibionic production process:

✔️ Resource savings and consequently increased sustainability

✔️ Cost savings - only a fraction of the reinforcement material is required compared to conventional composites

✔️ Performance increase of your product

✔️ Unique product design through bionic fiber architecture

✔️ Optimal use of fiber properties through bionic design and use of continuous fibers

✔️ Reduction of production waste in the manufacture process of semi-finished products

✔️ Recyclable by using thermoplastics as matrix material

✔️ Full-range supplier in the field of bionically optimized semi-finished products

✔️ Currently the only process for large-scale production


About us

Your reliable experts in the field of fiber composites

Thomas Rettenwander studied plastics engineering at the University of Leoben and earned his doctorate at the JKU Linz. In his doctoral thesis, he developed methods for the bionic design of fiber-plastic composites and conducted research in the field of manufacturing methods for thermoplastic fiber composites. He is a specialist in plastics and plastics processing methods. 

Johannes Mandler has many years of experience as a development engineer in the fields of mechatronics and automation. As a project manager, he has implemented industrialization projects for the automotive supply industry and has been responsible for these projects from the sales phase, through site construction, to the integration of production lines. In technical sales, he was able to gain experience in costing as well as in the acquisition of new customers.


Voices from the industry experts

„From an industrial perspective, the presented process shows high potential in terms of manufacturing optimization regarding e.g. shorter manufacturing times or increased material savings of expensive reinforcement materials.“

Dipl.-Ing. Simon Mair

Head of Product Development, MICADO SMART ENGINEERING GmbH



Leave us a message. We will be happy to advise you on the implementation of your new project or the optimization of your products.

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The project fibionic is funded by PreSeed, a start-up funding of the federal ministry for digital and economic affairs, handled by the aws.

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